Saturday, May 24, 2014

Secret Admirer

Well I have a confession. I have someone who I secretly admire! It is Ashley Schroeder from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd! She sent me her amazing pack - A Very Vocab Vacation. Click here to see this product. Let me tell you what... This product is 84 pages of AMAZING! My kids LOVED all of the activities!

This set covers Synonyms, Antonyms, Similes, Metaphors, Idioms, Context Clues, and Homographs. Could you ask for any more? :) Also, the fun vacation theme was perfect for this time of year. There was sooooooo much in this pack, I don't even know where to begin!

Sandy Synonyms and Antonyms
We started by reviewing synonyms and antonyms and I used the mini anchor chart as a reminder for the kids. We first completing the synonym worksheet. I loved this page because it had a good variety of words that really made the kids think.

Then we completed the antonym page. The kiddos enjoyed this because there was a spot for them to illustrate the sentences.

Finally, we played the I Have, Who Has game to finish up the lesson.

It's A Piece Of Cake- Similes and Metaphors
This was a lot of fun because my class loves task cards! These tasks cards are fantastic because they had to answer questions, fill in the blanks, and identify what was being compared. The mini anchor charts were perfect for this because they were a great reminder of the definitions and the difference between the two. We completed these as small groups.

Let's Hit The Road - Idioms
Idioms got my kids really thinking and it was a REALLY tricky concept for my ELL's. We worked together in small groups for a little extra help. There were interactive notebook pages that we just used with construction paper.

As a wrap up, they matched the sentences with idioms to the explanation of what the idiom meant.

Cool Off With Context Clues
This was by far my kiddos favorite activity. Since we were already super familiar with context clues, we used this activity for a center. The kids loved the nonsense words and being "detectives" to figure out the REAL word. The silly goofs even used some of the nonsense words later that day. This was also BY FAR my favorite page to grade. ;) This one made me chuckle. She definitely keeps me on my toes! <3


Hot Day For Homographs
All kids love scoots! This was a great way to assess my kiddos understandings of word meanings. I loved seeing the kids really check their work and reread to make sure it made sense.

WHEW! Can you believe how much awesomeness is in ONE set? I love this! (And all of her products!) And if that wasn't enough wow factor right there for ya... Ashley has included a FREEBIE for you guys! Just click on the image for your freebie and make sure to stop by her store by clicking here.

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