Saturday, February 8, 2014

100th Day of School

Yaaay!!!!! After 2 snow day delays we finally got to have our 100th Day!  I was beginning to wonder if we were ever going to get to celebrate! Ha!  The first snow day I was ready and just spraying my hair gray when the I got the call.  Luckily my wonderful Momma had grabbed me some Halloween hair sprays that were on clearance.  It was more of a silver color the 2nd time but I think it turned out pretty cute!
All of my wonderful outfit came from my Mamaw!  :)  She's so great!
We had tons of activities planned and of course couldn't get to them all. :(  Totally bummed, but that's the way it normally goes. I always plan waaaaaaay to much! *sigh*
The day started off with our journals.

I asked him about this and he said he figured when he was 100 he'd need some money so he'd need to find a job!

I love how he is going to celebrate with his cane and his disco ball!  This 100 year old really knows how to PAR-TAY! ;)

Honesty is the best policy!

By the time she's 100 I'm going to be ANCIENT! 

Little does this sweetie know, but it'll happen waaaaaay before he turns 100!

What did ya say Sonny?!?!

Crazy cat lady or crazy dog lady?  She hasn't worked out the details.  (I LOVE THIS KID!!!!! She cracks me up DAILY!)
Then we practiced a few poems for fluency, wrote a 100th Day book, made portraits of what we will look like at 100, and wrote what we would do if we had $100.  It's amazing what they think they can do with $100.  I had one say he'd buy a house, car, phone, tablet, and anything else he needed for his house.  Another little guy said he'd keep it till he was older and ready to have a wife and buy her a ring! (Awwww!!!!) After all this hard work it was time for our 100th Day snack! I was pretty impressed with their spray cheese skills! Ha!
With our new found energy, we then completed 100 math problems, made 100th Day hats, drew 100 smiley faces, and had a 100 Hershey Kisses hunt!  The kids loved the hunt and that they got to divide up the Kisses to take home.  Then we started our centers.  The kids favorite was the 100 cup stack!  They worked so well as a team!  I was so proud! They weren't big fans of the fact I kept stopping them to take pictures. ;)

I wish I could have gotten more pictures but my iPad died. :(
Here is the last picture of me and some of  my 100th Day Sweeties!

We had a blast!  How do you celebrate 100th Day?