Saturday, March 8, 2014

Product Swap fun!

Christopher from Mr. Gibbs Colorful Creations and I decided to do a product swap.  I got to choose ANYTHING from his store. I chose his Solving Equations with 3 Numbers Common Core Aligned dice game.  This product was in black and white so it was really easy to print at school and run off on construction paper.  Christopher teaches 1st and I teach 2nd and this was still a great activity for my kiddos.  He has this game set up so that you can play it 3 different ways.  I added one more way for my 2nd graders to play and the possibilities are endless! 

I printed one set on purple paper and one set on yellow.  That way my kids could easily find the dice card that you need for each match.

I could easily differentiate what my kiddos needed with this center.  Some students simply matched the dice card with it's sum. 

 Other groups matched the dice card with it's description using words.

Some groups matched the dice card with it's equations. And my highest groups were able to match up all 4.
As you can see my kids LOVED these games and they would be perfect for introducing, practicing, reviewing and intervention. 

If you need an awesome and engaging math activity for your kiddos to do make sure and check out this set! 
Thanks Mr. Gibbs!